Monday, March 28, 2011

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Madrid, between the aesthetics of pole and hints of elegance

begin by saying that I am fan culé on all four sides, but mainly fan of what the aesthetic touch, the relentless pursuit of beauty or impossible on every play. But even if every weekend I often solace recitals Messi and company, I am concerned that the group called to pick up the football glove do not respond with the same weapons.

How can a team of much history, proud of their display cases full of trophies, and have hosted legendary figures, abandoned the appeal resultadista easy? How galaxy can boast if not a brilliant game unfolds, perhaps rather messy, erratic, more dependent on the strength of Christian or a flash of Ozil ? How do you intend to overshadow Barca if it has a philosophy of play and live in income that give their forwards a rival bug hunting? How splendid plans to sell its image to the world if it involves painful events of her defenses crushing rivals?

It is clear that the art of the rostrum or the woodcutter doing his task, flourishes today more than ever in this team Florentino, very different from that ' Floren Team' (Zidane, Raul, Ronaldo, Figo, etc.). . 'Deal stick' use of computers has been hardened as charrúas or some British teams that supplied its technical shortcomings of pure heart. But today Madrid is a prisoner of its own contradictions to everything shiny and beautiful moments and subtle game Ozil and Di Maria, it is uncontrolled momentum Ramos and especially Pepe intentional violence, so fast in the cut as generous to lift the leg to the side or sharpening the scythe on the heels of rivals.

is true, can not be required elegance to the defense, but you do not show its teeth with the belligerence of a bulldog to be a good steward of the field. Great Pepe , eminent leñero like few others, has already taken numerous samples of his hard punch, as he pointed to a Getafe player and hard to believe coming from the world's most beautiful football, but not surprising, Brazil logs as other luxury lately as Felipe Melo.

to surround themselves with awkward This lucky (lucky to call at a deluxe kit like Madrid) is not new, as in previous seasons inhabited the area some logs as Mali's Mahamadou Diarra , master of the collision and remembered for a fractured cheekbone Sevilla's youth.

There is so much desperation in the White House to achieve the desired tenth 'romaine', and get it over with the run of titles that is reaping the Catalan side, Florentino General in His Labyrinth which wields the sword of the checkbook to force the coming titles as well as in troubled waters ... all the clubs want to do business with Real, stab sticks eg 30 million euros (Pepe) or fine gift wrap suspects with 65 million (Kaka). And with the hiring of controversial and always loose Mourinho, supported by its recent titles, looking for a panacea for all ills. I know many fans who hate all that meringue hiring luxurious paraphernalia and all that media circus Mou, which disguises itself with outbursts or blaming the poor play collegiate arbitral Madrid. Until now, Portugal has been relatively fortunate, because the results have been with him, but what will happen if it fails or loses the Champions League again, continue to enjoy the favor of the almighty Lord of the millions?

But it would be unfair not to recognize that the board has also hit the spot, ironically, to gain the services of players without being as expensive or as media, have given best results and joy to the fans meringues, so nostalgic for that game sublime Zidane. Let's review some of these good examples:

Xabi Alonso is the most evident of which can be effective in recovering balls without losing the forms and the correction in the field. His gentlemanly behavior and his vision of the game are certainly exemplary.

Marcelo , despite being soft on defense every day in his role evolving best offensive plays and considering that the legacy of the iconic Roberto Carlos.

Angel Di Maria, despite being of a fragile nature, unsuitable for the balloons split, but their speed, skill and unpredictability will more than offset, on especially when defenses closed not permit easy entry into the area dominated balloon.

But Ozil, undoubtedly the most pleasant revelation football smart, but sins at times uncaring attitude on the field every day and earns more convincing to the fans at the point of assists and dribbling with the accuracy of a compass. And considering how old she is, the Bernabéu has the promise of good football for a while.

For the sake of Madrid, for the good of football and entertainment imposed hopefully sooner than later, the brightness of virtue over grams before the opacity of the results with little flavor.


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